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Do you currently have measurable business goals (e.g. driving leads, e-commerce sales) tied to content marketing? *

Expert Tip: True content marketing success means that you're connecting to metrics your boss actually cares about for business growth.
Does your organization have an executive sponsor/senior leader held accountable for the success of content marketing? *

Expert Tip: Content marketing is an initiative that is much more likely to succeed if it has buy-in from the senior ranks of your organization and a single executive accountable for its success.
Do you have a content hub (e.g. website, blog) available as a primary channel for posting content? *

Expert Tip: Owning your audience is a critical part of being able to measure ultimate content marketing success metrics.

Have you identified your target audience, defined your main content topics and formats (articles, infographics, videos), and formed a distribution strategy? *

Expert Tip: Before creating content, you should know who you want to reach, what you want to say, and your desired channels for distribution.
Does your website receive enough healthy traffic to support your content marketing goals? *

Expert Tip: Content marketing starts with a healthy traffic base (balance of volume and quality). This can usually be calculated by working backwards from your measurable business goal.
Do you promote content across one or more channels to boost performance? *

Expert Tip: Content marketing tends to have an upfront promotional cost to build a healthy traffic base. Setting aside budget for different channels will help to get your program up and running faster.

Have you defined content pillars (the main topics you'll write about) based on who your target audience segments are? *

Expert Tip: Creating clear content initiatives with narratives, topics, and general content ideas will help boost engagement with your audience.
Is there a process and/or technology in place that helps with content planning, scheduling, and project management? *

Expert Tip: Enterprise-level content marketing can be complex. Having the appropriate tools and systems in place to streamline these processes will make your content marketing thrive.
Does your team have an analytics platform in place to measure traffic and engagement and surface insights for optimization? *

Expert Tip: Gathering information around which content is working through content-centric analytics (author, topic, channel, format, etc.) will make you a better content marketer.

Are you aware of the different behavioral conversions (micro conversions) that occur on your site and what they mean for your business? *

Expert Tip: Successful content should compel your readers to take high-value actions like newsletter sign-ups and product page clicks, for example.
Is your website optimized for driving the right kinds of calls-to-action across the site? *

Expert Tip: Content should be surrounded by clear calls-to-action that have a considered strategy for compelling readers to take the high value actions that matter to your business.

Is your team aligned with the various teams in your organization when it comes to tracking and reporting monetization events? *

Expert Tip: In most cases, content marketing success metrics live in a technology that exists with another team in your company. You should be aligned with the individuals who own those metrics to close the loop on the buyer journey (e.g. CRM, Demand Generation).
Does your team currently have a reporting standard to ensure alignment on how data will be presented when discussing program success/ROI? *

Expert Tip: Getting results is important, but without accurately measuring and demonstrating these results through metrics, they don't hold much weight.
Is content performance data being used to baseline and forecast future business growth targets? *

Expert Tip: Growing your company's revenues predictably with content marketing is the gold standard of content marketing, keep striving toward this.
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